We both cheated…

We cheated.  I admit it.  Usually we’re so good, but today… we cheated.  It wasn’t the yoga this evening (soo good!  Because law/grad school was so crazy, I hadn’t been able to go to my favorite class, Bob at Lifeforce Fitness, for too long! My arms are like Jello now…).  And it wasn’t my work, I’m still chugging through it…

It was the salmon.  Usually we’re so good about making our own marinades and sauces.  But with N gone in China for nearly 2 months, I succumbed to the inner culinary sloth and bought Trader Joe’s chimichurri salmon.  A first for me.  I never even ate it, and so N and I baked it up today.  It was actually excellent!  The salmon wasn’t fresh, of course, and it tasted a little flat (as in defrosted), but it was certainly good.  On a bed of wilted spinach with Spanish olive oil and fresh cracked pepper.

And to drink?  I wanted something light and chilled, and all I had in the fridge was the other day’s half-bottle of Pinot Noir and a bottle of Beltoure Rosé.  So the sparkling Rosé it was!  And I have to say, it is a bargain of a sparkler! Crispy, with light bubbles, and a little bit of a cranberry touch to it.  Easy, drinkable, and quite cheap.  I would have liked a little more mineral and citrus, but for what it is, I shouldn’t complain.  Great with the salmon (would also be good with a creamy fish or cheese risotto on a hot summer day).

I feel like maybe I should rename this blog “Drinking French wines in Eugene.”


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Current Homebase: Oregon Mission: 120 days of summer Having just finished graduate school, I have 120 days before I'm off to another degree, half way across the world, in London, England. In the meantime, I've got 120 days of summer to enjoy.
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