Rhône Valley

Jour Duex

Repas vallée du Rhône.  Amuse bouche… soupe…tartare, poisson, et plus… tous les délicieux!  Et le vin vin vin! Exceptionnel!

Day Two

Dinner from the Rhone Valley of France at Marché– delicious!  Starters, soup, salad, fish, and so much more… and the wine!  Exceptional!

We tried five wines in total

  1. Mas Carlot Rosé Costiéres de Nimes 2010 — a bright, wonderful rosé with strawberry notes; medium-dry; a great summer drinker (3 stars out of 4)
  2. Abel Clement Blanc Côtes du Rhone 2009– a mild, white wine that perfectly cuts a creamy soup (like our soupe de moules au safran) (2 stars out of 4)
  3. J. Vidal Fleury Côtes du Rhone Blanc 2009– I really liked this viognier, it was almost smoky and oily in its surprising complexity (3 stars out of 4)
  4. Domaine de la Guicharde Côtes du Rhone 2009 — what my partner calls a “very jammy” red with intense fruit and lots of plum. (2 stars out of 4)
  5. Domaine Rouge-Bleu Mistral Côtes du Rhone 2008 — hands down my favorite of the evening; velvety with vanilla toast notes and a chocolate-cherry finish (4 stars out of 4)

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Current Homebase: Oregon Mission: 120 days of summer Having just finished graduate school, I have 120 days before I'm off to another degree, half way across the world, in London, England. In the meantime, I've got 120 days of summer to enjoy.
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