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First, a story. Then, wine.

Let me tell you a story.  It’s short, don’t worry.  N wanted to try out Jim Lahey’s no-knead bread method after being given My Bread a while ago.  But it requires 12-18 hours on the first rise, in a warm, draft-free place … Continue reading

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Rabbits and burgers, oh my!

I am not a huge burger person.  I don’t eat them very often, and I never eat fast food burgers (fast food dairy is another issue altogether, see also Blizzard).  But there is One Burger that I will Always eat.  It … Continue reading

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We both cheated…

We cheated.  I admit it.  Usually we’re so good, but today… we cheated.  It wasn’t the yoga this evening (soo good!  Because law/grad school was so crazy, I hadn’t been able to go to my favorite class, Bob at Lifeforce … Continue reading

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Rhône Valley

Jour Duex Repas vallée du Rhône.  Amuse bouche… soupe…tartare, poisson, et plus… tous les délicieux!  Et le vin vin vin! Exceptionnel! Day Two Dinner from the Rhone Valley of France at Marché– delicious!  Starters, soup, salad, fish, and so much more… and the wine!  Exceptional! We … Continue reading

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Summer has begun…

It’s official.  One J.D., one M.S., and $86,000 later, summer has begun.  The parents have left, the family is gone, and the only thing between me and boundless gluttony is my fledgling constitution, my partner, and my research gig. Un … Continue reading

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